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A simple formula for Generative AI prompts

Generative AI has come a long way but what we are missing is its course on newbie years (2010-2020). During that time ai has mastered classifying things in any context such as images, text, web pages, sounds, and any kind of signal it can touch. This foundation it is standing on still matters. So as a prompt supplier, one should not forget about it. Clear classification of input and output classes can optimize generated content. AI is nothing more than a relationship calculator around its underpinnings. These relationships and constraints are later expressed as images or text.

As a web reader, AI has outlied important classifications of entities, their adjectives and examples to entity+adjective usages. Big datasets that billions of parameters containing ai systems were trained on have a clear separation of entities and their adjectives.

The prompt supplier is expected to understand the matter first. In an attempt to negotiate such intercourse, the predefinition of entities and adjectives is crucial. Giving examples for defining entities and adjectives is good but for the proper output, you should define your entities clearly.

You should ask yourself and give place in your prompts, what are my entities and how they are related, weighted(adjectives).

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